Roy Millar - Shorter Series

Shorter Series

Each series consists of two to five sessions on a related theme or Biblical text. In some cases there are accompanying notes that can be downloaded at the same time as the audio material.

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Roy Millar - Ruth


You may think of the book of Ruth as a beautiful romantic love story, which it is. But it is much more. These two sessions show how God combined three strands, each a distressed family, to bring about the birth of David the great king of Israel and ancestor of Jesus. These two talks were given at a retreat in Minneapolis some years ago in a small and quite intimate setting and the style reflects this. ...

Roy Millar - So you want to be Gods Friend

So you want to be Gods Friend

We often think of ourselves as friends of God, like Abraham. It is actually a rare privilege! These two sessions explore the conditions to be met. These two talks were given at a weekend retreat with a group of young adults seeking to know the LORD better.

Roy Millar - The Journey

The Journey

These sessions show the lives of people of faith as a journey and continue the story that began with Abraham. The talks, apart from Joseph, were given at a missionary retreat near Atlanta, Georgia. The talks on Joseph were added from another source due to technical difficulties with the original recording so that there is some difference in style and emphasis.

Roy Millar - A Trio of Messianic Psalms

A Trio of Messianic Psalms

David was a prophet as well as being a king. His experiences and his reflections on them were prophetic of his great descendent, Jesus. These three psalms reveal Him as the One who depended on his Father, as the suffering Servant, and as the glorified King. These three talks were given at a mid week "Word and Worship Service" at Holywood Parish Church

Roy Millar - God of Fire

God of Fire

Fire in the Bible is characteristically a symbol of holiness (rather than love, as is commonly supposed). Holiness is not simply an attribute of God; it is the very essence of who He is. The central dilemma for the would-be worshipper is "How can we live in the presence of the Eternal Fire?" These three talks from a "Bible Week" at the Christian Renewal Centre, Rostrevor address this issue.

Roy Millar - I will give you rest

I will give you rest

The promise of restored "Rest" pervades the whole of Scripture, bracketed by the Shalom and Shabbat of creation and the revelation of the New Jerusalem. The Bible is the story of God's intervention to recover His broken creation. Israel, a nation born in and redeemed from slavery and brought to a land with echoes of a lost paradise, is the chosen vehicle for this enterprise. Stubbornly,Israel fails to live in that promised rest and the ...

Roy Millar - Who am I? Why am I here?

Who am I? Why am I here?

These fundamental questions are often submerged beneath the surface of our busy lives and pursuits. We have been conditioned to believe that we create our identity and significance from the stuff of life work and its associated status, material possessions, pleasurable activities and even celebrity for its own sake. For most of us there are moments when we wonder "Is this it?" Even success in some area of endeavour leaves the haunting question ...

Roy Millar - The servant songs

The servant songs

Who is the true servant? Israel was called to be God’s servant , 41: 8–9 – to reveal his character and his ways to the nations, as they lived under his rule. They were to be an object lesson, witnesses to the fact that He alone is God and that the idols of the nations are vanity. He also revealed Himself in His saving acts towards Israel. The people of Israel were supposed to live in the ...

Roy Millar - Worshipper & Disciple

Worshipper & Disciple

These two talks address twin aspects of our life in Christ. Worship begins with a vision of God that draws us to Him in adoration and praise. If it is true worship it overflows in obedient service. A single Hebrew word serves for both worship and service. The priests served in the Temple on the Sabbath and were blameless for their service was an expression of worship. In Romans 12 Paul exhorts us to present ...

Roy Millar - The Times in which we live

The Times in which we live

These are dangerous and critical days for the world and, especially, for God’s people. Hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees are pouring into Europe as a consequence of poverty and war. In the Middle East hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled from Islamic persecution so that the ancient church in Syria/Iraq has been decimated and is threatened with extinction. Jihad  is spreading across the world, including increasing levels of violence in European cities. ...

Roy Millar - Do Gentiles have to keep the law?

Do Gentiles have to keep the law?

These three sessions address an important but often confusing question that has very significant consequences for the way we understand the Bible and, therefore, the way in which we relate to God. The first session is more broadly based in Scripture, ending with critical passages in Paul’s letter to the Galatians. The other two sessions concentrate on Paul’s teaching in Galatians; this is the part of the New Testament where the question is most forcefully ...

Roy Millar - How can I be a good person? (3 dimensions of the cross)

How can I be a good person? (3 dimensions of the cross)

These three talks were given during successive morning prayers at Kiwoko Hospital.in Uganda. The answer to the question is found at the cross. In Galatians Paul writes of how the cross sets us free from condemnation (justification), from the power of sin (by releasing the gift of the Spirit, and from pressures to conform to the world and its values. Through the cross relationship with the Father is restored, the gift of the Spirit is ...

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