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You may think of the book of Ruth as a beautiful romantic love story, which it is. But it is much more. These two sessions show how God combined three strands, each a distressed family, to bring about the birth of David the great king of Israel and ancestor of Jesus. These two talks were given at a retreat in Minneapolis some years ago in a small and quite intimate setting and the style reflects this. I find myself returning to this little story again and again, partly on account of its importance as a hinge point in the big story of the Bible but also because it speaks so powerfully about how God "redeems our lives from destruction and crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercies" and turns lead into gold. The illustration depicts the mountains of Moab as seen from Israel

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Roy Millar - Ruth - A Critical Choice

Ruth - A Critical Choice

The story is set in the disastrous context of the Judges "when there was no king and everyone did what was right in his own eyes". In a period of famine, a sure sign of national spiritual decline, Naomi and her husband migrate to Moab, a cursed land, to seek refuge. Things go from bad to worse as her husband and sons die, leaving her destitute and burdened with two daughters in law who depend ...

Roy Millar - Ruth - The Redeemer

Ruth - The Redeemer

Even before they make their choices the LORD was at work, putting the pieces into place. "Coincidences" begin to happen and Boaz emerges as the kinsman redeemer who becomes the human agent of the loving purpose of God. The story reaches its climax with the birth of a son; several generations later another baby is born - David the son of Jesse and great grandson of Boaz and Ruth. He is God's answer to the ...

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