Roy Millar - A Trio of Messianic Psalms

A Trio of Messianic Psalms

David was a prophet as well as being a king. His experiences and his reflections on them were prophetic of his great descendent, Jesus. These three psalms reveal Him as the One who depended on his Father, as the suffering Servant, and as the glorified King. These three talks were given at a mid week "Word and Worship Service" at Holywood Parish Church

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Roy Millar - Psalm 23 - Messiah as Sheep and Shepherd

Psalm 23 - Messiah as Sheep and Shepherd

We often think of this Psalm as portraying Jesus as Shepherd and us as sheep. Of course this is true but another important truth under girds this; the sheep belong, in the first place, to the Father ("... My Father who has given them to Me ..." John 10:27). Jesus, in preparation for being the great shepherd, first of all occupies the role of a sheep, the Father's disciple. We consider the familiar Psalm from ...

Roy Millar - Psalm 22 - Messiah as suffering Servant

Psalm 22 - Messiah as suffering Servant

This Psalm begins with the cry "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" and this is wrung from the heart of Jesus on the cross. The whole Psalm, like Isaiah 53, takes us into the centre of the mystery of His suffering as the Servant of the LORD, the culmination of His obedience to the Father and His perfect trust in Him as the God of Israel.

Roy Millar - Psalm 24 - Messiah as the ascended King of Glory

Psalm 24 - Messiah as the ascended King of Glory

This Psalm opens with the core message of the Old Testament, over against surrounding pagan culture - there is only one God and He made everything. In the light of this overwhelming fact, how can man approach His awesome presence? The stated qualifications seem to exclude everyone - but there is one who is worthy, a human being who is none other than the King of Glory himself. Psalms 23 and 22 prepare us for ...

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