Roy Millar - One-Off Sessions

One-Off Sessions

These talks were given in a variety of settings. Although the subject matter is diverse you will find links to sessions within the longer and shorter series. Generally speaking there will not be a link to the library.

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Roy Millar - Give me the mountains - Caleb

Give me the mountains - Caleb

How would you feel if you were, entirely as a consequence of others people's behaviour, cut off the destiny that God had promised you? That's what happened to Caleb. He had seen the Promised Land and believed that God was faithful and would overcome their enemies, but the others didn't believe and wouldn't obey. Caleb didn't get bitter - probably that was the key to his life. For 45 years he held on the dream ...

Roy Millar - Psalm 89 - The Faithfulness of God

Psalm 89 - The Faithfulness of God

Are we not often conscious of a marked discrepancy between "how things are supposed to be" and how they actually are? We are supposed to be living in victory and seeing the Kingdom of God advancing but the reality does not live up to that ideal. We seem to be in a trough following the big wave that previously carried us, almost effortlessly, along. What are we to do in this situation? This Psalm gives us ...

Roy Millar - Unto us a child is born

Unto us a child is born

The “child theme” is present on a number of occasions in the prophecy of Isaiah between the end of chapter 6 and the middle of chapter 11. Isaiah’s own sons become living parables within the prophetic word. The holy seed of chapter 6 becomes “the shoot from the stem of Jesse and a branch from his roots” in chapter 11, Immanuel in chapter 7, and the child “whose name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty ...

Roy Millar - Spiritual blindness

Spiritual blindness

We see the world through many filters – family, culture, theological bias, personal preference, prejudice, and these determine what we see and how we interpret it. A complicating factor is that we are frequently unaware of the presence of the filter and believe that we have 20:20 vision. In this session we examine some of the causes of defective sight and spiritual blindness as they affect the world, the church, and the people of Israel. ...

Roy Millar - Shabbat


Many Christians are confused about the Sabbath. Are we meant to keep it? Does the 4th commandment apply to us? These questions conceal more important issues. What is the true meaning of Sabbath? God created Sabbath to be a delight, a condition in which we can live every day. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. He was Sabbath incarnate and He invites us to share in the true rest that exists for the people ...

Roy Millar - The Prayer of Jabez

The Prayer of Jabez

Jabez only has two verses of Scripture to his name, 1Chronicles 4:9–10, yet his predicament is shared by very many people. Trauma in early childhood left him emotionally scarred and constricted. It affected his ability to relate to other people out of fear that he would cause harm and kept him from fulfilling the potential and purpose of his life. But Jabez came to the point when he was determined to break free. Is this ...

Roy Millar - The Feasts of Israel

The Feasts of Israel

The major Feasts in Israel form a cycle. This makes sense in terms of annual reminder of their history and recognition of the way in which God has been faithful to sustain life by means of rain and the fertility of the land. There is also a profound prophetic symbolism that, together with Sabbath, finds its fulfillment in the Messiah, and it is this aspect that we will pursue in this session. The Land ...

Roy Millar - The God of the Nations (Habakkuk)

The God of the Nations (Habakkuk)

The idea that God directs the affairs of the nations is strange and bizarre to the modern mind, even to many within the church, but it is a truth that pervades the Bible from beginning to end. He works out His purposes through emperors and kings and presidents without them even being aware of His presence or involvement in the process. Habakkuk believed this but was not prepared for the outworking of that truth in ...

Roy Millar - A blind beggar and a rich rascal

A blind beggar and a rich rascal

The King of the World is on a journey. His mission is the most important event in world history, to be enacted at the His capital city, the place God chose long ago for that very purpose. Jesus is on His final journey to Jerusalem, fully conscious of His appointment to save the world through the cross and resurrection. Surely nothing and no one can be allowed to interrupt or delay that purpose. Yet ...

Roy Millar - Baptised in the Holy Spirit

Baptised in the Holy Spirit

Baptism in the Spirit is not a thing to be received nor a sacrament of the church but rather a dynamic encounter with God the Holy Spirit. It is part of the covenant blessing promised through Abraham and now released to us through the cross of Jesus. Jesus Himself is the pattern as well as the source of living water. The Exodus events were prophetic of the outpouring of the Spirit – Shavuot (Pentecost) was ...

Roy Millar - Lessons from the Rhino Park

Lessons from the Rhino Park

This is a recording of a talk, given on the last Sunday of 2015, looking towards the New Year. It arose out of a close encounter with a large male rhino, travelling at speed. It taught me some important lessons for life in 2016, in my relationship with the Good Shepherd. Maybe they will apply to you as well. You can follow the audio along with the Power Point Presentation.

Roy Millar - Preparing for Easter

Preparing for Easter

Christians have various ways of preparing for Easter, Lent or some other spiritual; study or exercise. This talk comers from a different direction – “How did God prepare for this crucial period in world and salvation history?” He had been preparing from before the foundation of the world. The Old Testament charts how the meticulous .plans unfolded through chosen individuals and a special priestly nation that, without knowing it, offered the priestly sacrifice of the ...

Roy Millar - The Great War

The Great War

As we remembered the beginning of the First World War (The Great War) we were reminded of a much greater conflict that has been raging from the beginning of time and which seems to be moving towards its climax. The Normandy landings marked the turning point in the Second World War, after which final victory was inevitable. Similarly, in the spiritual sphere there was a critical battle that spelled defeat for the forces of darkness. ...

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