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Roy Millar - Hebrews Introduction and 1–2

Hebrews Introduction and 1–2

In this session we complete the discussion of how Jesus fulfilled the symbolism and prophecy contained in the ritual of the Day of Atonement. Following this there is a broad brush introduction to the epistle to the Hebrews. It was written to Jewish believers who were in a state of turmoil and confusion about their new faith, made more acute by external pressure and opposition. The solution centred around the person of Jesus – His ...

Roy Millar - Hebrews 3–4 Living in God’s Sabbath Rest

Hebrews 3–4 Living in God’s Sabbath Rest

In the first two chapters the writer has established that Jesus is greater than angels, that He came to defeat the devil and restore the broken creation, and also that His ministry as High Priest was directed towards the recipients of the letter (children of Abraham). He will return to the theme of Jesus as High Priest at the end of chapter 4, but first he calls two other witnesses and makes two other comparisons, ...

Roy Millar - Hebrews 5–10v22 The Priestly Ministry of Jesus

Hebrews 5–10v22 The Priestly Ministry of Jesus

We have already covered much of this section in detail in our studies in Leviticus. Chapter 4 concludes with a two sided picture of God – the One who sees and judges everything and the gracious and merciful High Priest. With this we are returned to the first of the two main themes, with a detailed demonstration of the superiority of Jesus over Aaron and the priestly sacrifices. In the process we are introduced to ...

Roy Millar - Hebrews 10v19–12v4 Warnings, Exhortation and Faith

Hebrews 10v19–12v4 Warnings, Exhortation and Faith

The New Covenant marked a radical change. It was also the destination of all God’s purposes for Israel since the call of Abraham. In this session we begin by considering the blessings of the New Covenant, made with Israel and then shared with the world. This covenant is God’s one and only answer to the brokenness of His creation so serious consequences flow from our response. Because of this the epistle is punctuated with many ...

Roy Millar - Hebrews 12–13 How then shall we live

Hebrews 12–13 How then shall we live

Faith depends on seeing, is expressed in obedience, and does not give up. This is borne out by accumulated evidence of the witnesses from chapter 11, and the supreme example – Jesus Himself. His life and death, resurrection and enthronement proved that they had not been mistaken when they chose to act on God’s promises. He is a loving Father who has good purposes for us. Hardship does not imply that He hates ...

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