The largest series, “The Message of the Old Testament” is accessessed by means of a stepwise series of folders and subfolders. The others are accessed in a single step.

“Related content” directs you to other audio material that complements or amplifies the selected session. It appears at the right hand side of the page. 

If you wish to view an overview of the downloads section, you can view a sitemap here.

Most of the sessions last for about 60 minutes (10 – 11MB) so please be patient while downloading material. You may find it helpful to download the associated notes before  the audio material.


Roy Millar - One-Off Sessions

One-Off Sessions

These talks were given in a variety of settings. Although the subject matter is diverse you will find links to sessions within the longer and shorter series. Generally speaking there will not be a link to the library.

Roy Millar - Shorter Series

Shorter Series

Each series consists of two to five sessions on a related theme or Biblical text. In some cases there are accompanying notes that can be downloaded at the same time as the audio material.

Roy Millar - Longer Series

Longer Series

Each of these series consists of six or more sessions on a related theme or text of Scripture. A set of notes accompanies each session. I suggest that you download the notes before the audio material.

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